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R&A Secure Business Property Leasing


Secure Storage and Logistics.

R&A Properties have a wide variety of real estate, storage and logistic solutions for your organisation. Our West Wales site was specifically designed as a Secure UK Government storage facility and for many years it has been a critical hub in the logistic chain of Government Departments and multinational blue chip companies.


Our systematic approach to Security enables us to maintain wide-ranging capability encompassing all levels of UK classified material storage. Our site is fully accredited to hold all manner of GFE from the smallest document file to the largest system.


We provide:

Secure Office, Retail and Industrial Units


We offer:

Flexible terms at highly competitive rates.


Challenge us to meet your requirements .... CALL 0845 217 2680 or contact us online.




R&A Secure Storage and Logistics



The strategically located secure site totals 37acres and each unit has direct vehicular access. As well as offices and industrial units the  site includes a state of the art facility for document storage. The automated capability of 209,000 cubic metres of space which includes 65000 Shelf locations divided into access controlled lanes.


  • Office, Retail and Industrial Business premises available for lease.
  • Flexible term arrangements, from 6 months to 25 years.
  • Quick, reliable friendly service.
  • Market leading price options.
  • Various factories, warehouses and industrial units available now.
  • Unparalleled regional knowledge and expertise.
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